a bit 'o' news...

Excited to announce that Tanya Tagaq's new album ANIMISM was released by Six Shooter Records on May 27! ANIMISM was produced by JZ with additional production from Juan Hernandez of Spain. Check out this track UJA in advance on Soundcloud!

There have been some great reviews coming in for Animism! Here's a review from NOW Magazine! Here's one from Exclaim! And here's a piece from the Toronto Star!

just finished tracking a MASSIVE amount of strings for the new Stars coming out later this year as well as arranging and performing with a string quartet for an upcoming album from Sarah MacDougall!

In februrary JZ had his first string quartet performed and recorded in Vancouver at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre presented by The Western Front in a concert entitled Music from the New Wilderness. The quartet features JZ and his brother Joshua Zubot (Montreal) on violin, Jean Rene (Montreal) on viola and Vancouver's Peggy Lee on cello. The string quartet plays alongside wax-cylinder recordings that First Nations musician and herbalist Therese Keimatko made in 1918. Drip Audio will release this as a co-production with The Western Front sometime down the road.

JZ and Dan Mangan recently finished creating the score for an upcoming movie called 'Hector and the Search for Happiness' starring the likes of Simon Pegg, Christopher Plummer, Stellan Skarsgard, Rosamund Pike and many more! Here's some photo's from the orchestral sessions! Here is a very early trailer created by the UK distributor! The movie will probably be released sometime in the fall of 2014!

Songlines has released the debut recording by Haram, led by Gord Grdina! The 10-piece band features a combo of some of Vancouver's more prominent improvising & Arabic musicians. JZ takes the chair of the violinist on this one! Here's a review from All About Jazz!

JZ recently worked on albums (violin, viola & some cello parts) for the likes of Louise Burns, Mother Mother & The Crackling.

Here is JZ's incomplete, but pretty good, discography at!

Take 'er easy.